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We’ve created another course on how to reskin an app. This time, we show you how to reskin a video poker app!

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This source code is actually the first reskin I ever did, so it has a special place in my heart. As luck would have it, it happened to be the easiest one to re-skin of all the codes I’ve seen to date, which was perfect for me at the time–this one is great for beginners who want a cheap source code that they can reskin multiple times. You won’t have bugs or strange issues with this one. It is definitely the fastest and easiest to reskin source code you’ll find, which makes for a great learning experience. I am not exaggerating–once I have the graphics, I can reskin this app in less than an hour… more like 30 minutes. It’s nuts.

The reason it’s so easy to re-skin is because it was built for re-skinning by a re-skinner. Haha. His name is Alex Brie and his site is

He’s helped people modify their code so that it makes more money and is ready to reskin. With this code in particular, Alex puts all the information you need to change in convenient places so you don’t have to jump around from file to file. He also puts all the graphics in one folder. In the tutorials, I talk over and over about how great the code is because it’s true–you won’t find a more convenient source code.

This course is just as comprehensive as the others, starting off from a brand new Apple developer account status and going all the way through submission.

You can visit the course page here: Produce an iOS7 App
And the source code is available for sale on these sites:

I use the Multi-License source code in the tutorial. This one is recommended because it comes with more poker games. It’s cheaper on the Chupamobile site, so I’d get it from there.

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Here’s the intro video:

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