How to Update an SDK TutorialWith iOS 8 creeping up on us, ad networks are scrambling to release upgraded SDKs. If you just published an app, it can be a pain to update the SDK. Your developer might be working on something else, and/or you might need to hire someone else to do it. If you’re new to app development, a programmer could take advantage and overcharge you for the relatively simple task.

But here at Money From Apps, we’re all about bootstrapping (saving money) and saving time. Sometimes that means you need to sit in the driver’s seat or take a bull by the horns… whichever analogy you choose, the point remains…

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It often makes sense to do things yourself, and if you don’t have a full team in place, updating an ad network SDK is probably one of those things that is worth it for you to learn. It’s simple, it doesn’t require coding knowledge, and it can save you a ton of time and money. So here it is:

Update SDK Tutorial

As usual, we’re almost always talking about iOS apps here, so that’s what we’re going to show you. If you’ve never programmed before, don’t worry. In the simplest terms, “updating an SDK” is really just about replacing old files with new files. An ad network SDK is just a set of files that the ad network has inside your app’s set of files, and we just need to find and replace them.

The only issue with simply replacing files is that in some cases, an ad network will require some changes to the code as well. For example, they will change their header file names, so you will need to change these as well. Unfortunately this is a case-by-case basis–if you run into build errors after following the method below, this is probably the issue, and you’ll have to do a little research or ask someone what needs to be changed in the code (this should be a quick fix).

What you need:

  • The app source code (Xcode project) of the app you want to update.
    In the following “update SDK tutorial,” we’ll be using our Bingo source code.
  • Xcode (free software you can get in the App Store on your Mac computer).
  • The updated SDK.
    This will be a file, or more commonly a folder, that contains code that your app will use. You can download an SDK straight from the ad network’s website.
    In the following “update SDK tutorial,” we’ll update the AppLovin SDK as an example.

If you’ve never opened an app in Xcode before, it would be a good idea to check out our free YouTube tutorial on preparing an app for testing in Xcode. Better yet, you should take one of our Udemy courses for free and get a good feel for Xcode.

How to Update an SDK:

  1. Go into Xcode and find the old SDK in the left pane among all the files and folders (for this example, the “AppLovin” folder in the “AdsFrameWorks” folder). Within Xcode, right-click on the folder in the pane on the left and delete it. When the alert pops up, make sure you choose “Move to Trash.”

xcode move to trash

2.  Go explore the project folder through your desktop, and also delete the AppLovin folder through there if it’s not gone.

3.  Download the new SDK from

4.  Go back into Xcode, and go into the AdsFrameWorks folder where the ad networks are and where you originally deleted the old SDK. Right-click on the “AdsFrameWorks” folder and choose “Add Files to YourAppName.”

xcode add files to

5.  Find the AppLovin folder that you just downloaded and select that. Make sure check the box that says “Copy Items Into Destination Group’s Folder (if needed)” and “Create Groups for Any Added Folders.” Also make sure “Add to Targets” is checked. Then add the folder.

Copy items into destination group's folder

That should update the SDK!

Our free Udemy courses also include a tutorial showing you how to send an app to Apple for review, so you can follow those steps as well!

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