Update: Now you can see how to reskin this app yourself to create a hundred versions of this code yourself to make money fast. Access the full course here.

Hi everyone,

It’s Justin, and I want to share with you the app that we created in the shortest time frame and that made our money back the fastest, along with lessons we learned along the way (in the whole 6 days since launch):

Triple Dare – Free Funny Dares & Pranks to Challenge Friends
Click on the name to see it in iTunes.

So where’d this idea come from?

We discovered an awesome guy that sells app source codes to reskin. His name is Austin Church, and his apps are solid, clean and fun.

On his site, you’ll find his “Random Facts Generator” code that is currently selling for only $99 for unlimited reskins. Sounded like a steal to us, although with an app this simple, it was difficult to imagine making the money back this quickly.

But with the low risk investment, we figured “might as well” and I reskinned it myself.

1) Graphics? Barely any and you can use almost all of his originals if you want. I used Illustrator to change his up a little bit. I know very little about graphic design and finished it up in a few hours. You can tell that I didn’t know what I was doing because the app icon doesn’t really fit the rounded corners like it should. icon-tripledareNote to self: fix the icon.

2) Programming? I started out knowing nothing about XCode (the program used to edit and submit this app to the App Store). I was able to change the necessary parts in a couple hours max.

3) Content? We wanted to be a bit edgy and try something that didn’t have too much competition, like jokes or facts. This led us to “dares,” which are both funny and active… popped those into the text files.


September 12, 2013: App purchased
September 13, 2013: App submitted to the App Store, without paying anyone for help–no graphic designers, programmers, or assistants to find content
September 20, 2013: App reviewed and approved

Through yesterday, September 25, 2013
Total Downloads: 5,785
Net Revenue (ads, in-app purchases, etc., and taking out fees): $205.02
Net profit: $106.02 in 5 days since launch, and it’s pure profit from here on out

Lessons Learned

We’ve bought source codes for $500 that have made back $50 after months. This is the cheapest app we’ve bought to date and made the money back the fastest. Don’t assume that just because an app is cheap and simple means that revenues will be poor.

As for this app, we launched a similar one on another developer account and did not achieve the same results (not yet, at least). We’re getting about 10% of the downloads, which is still good considering how cheap this project was.
This stresses the importance of keywords and marketing. What are people searching for and why? Who is the demographic? When they search a keyword and find your app, will they like yours (and share it with others)? Why or why not? We were only able to get all those in app purchases because they wanted more content. That’s crucial.

Test your pricing. It’s very easy to change how much In App Purchases cost–you don’t need to resubmit your code to Apple. Just change it in iTunes Connect, and it’ll take about a day to propagate. For us, we increased our revenue after modifying the in-app purchases from Tier 1 ($0.99) to Tier 2 ($1.99). This will depend on your content and how badly people want it.

In the world of app reskinning and/or flipping, I would definitely consider these things when planning your theme. At the same time, I wouldn’t over-analyze. The key to success in this niche is reskinning fast and cheaply, hoping something hits… and this did. We tweaked the pricing a little bit, but is it worth it to mess with the keywords, the description, and the icon? Maybe, maybe not. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Personally, I’d rather make another version of this app in 24 hours. That seems like a better investment–then we can learn what icons, keywords, and descriptions are working that way, too.

And it may be obvious, but we’ve also learned how easy it can be to reskin. It literally took me a day to do this project and around 2 days to learn enough about XCode to flip apps ourselves. And with that…

You can learn how to do this yourself! Access the course here.
So go on and buy the code for the dares app
Then enroll in the course to see exactly how to do it yourself.

Anyone can do it!

‘Til next time,

12 thoughts on “We Made a Profitable App (And So Can You!)

  1. Hi Justin, that is an amazing success story with such a simple code. I came over to your site after Austin sent out an email about your success with this particular source code. I’m a newbie with no experience in apps or Xcode. In fact, I just bought a Mac 3 weeks ago for this sole purpose and have yet to submit an app to the App Store but I will soon. I already own the Viva Stampede code and look forward to your video tutorials on how to reskin it. I was already planning to buy the Joke source code since it looks really easy to reskin. It’s definitely worth trying out for only $99! I’m also writing about my first experience developing apps on my site to help inspire others to take action as well. With this source code, looks like I’ve got an app project for the weekend!

    1. Hi Harlan,

      Congrats on taking the first step! I was pretty unfamiliar with Mac as well. I had used it a little before, but only for very basic things. Xcode was brand new to me and I was able to pick it up fairly quickly with some tutorials. I’m sure you’ll benefit from the videos we plan to release, so definitely stay in touch.

  2. Great post! I’m currently working on a couple reskin games myself including the Match 3 game. I’m going to definitely look into the jokes app!

    Really looking forward to those video tutorials!

  3. Hey Justin 🙂

    Wooo Hoooo!!! Thanks for sharing your story. I purchased this same source code a few weeks ago and you have inspired me to just get it out there.

    Also, looking forward to those video tutorials 😉

    Many Blessings,

  4. I’m reskinning mine now and having a bit of trouble finding graphic designers that’ll do it within budget… may I send you some questions via direct message?

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