Have you ever heard of Leadpages?

If not check it out. It’s what I use to build landing pages for both web and mobile.  I’m sure you can find out more by visiting the webpage. This may sound brash, but if you are reading this article and like internet marketing there is a good chance you’ve heard of Leadpages. It would be hard to have not. I joined Leadpages back when I was trying to build coming soon and launch pages for our Mega Jackpot Slots App Template.  I was on a monthly subscription program and honestly (late one night) thinking of upgrading to the next tier and I accidentally paid for a full years membership, but got some extras and saved a little.

I’m at their #Converted16 marketing conference that’s stacked with speakers and opportunities.


Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income)
  • Ryan Deiss (Digital Marker)
  • Ezra Firestone (Smartmarketer.com)
  • Noah Fleming (Best selling author of “evergreen”)
  • Derek Halpern (Social Triggers)
  • Steve Kamb (Nerd Fitness)
  • Andrew Warner (Mixergy)
  • Marc Maron (Comedian & Podcaster)

Those are just some of the speakers here and if you’ve followed people like Tim Ferris and Pat Flynn there is a good chance you’ve heard of a lot of these people.

“Why are you telling us this Todd?”

You were going to ask that right? or maybe, “so what”.
My bad, yes let me explain. So the internet world of marketing has a lot of things we can bring over to mobile. It’s that simple.

People have spent a lot of time talking about every angle of:

  • blogging
  • email lists
  • landing pages
  • auto responders
  • upsells, downsells, bumps
  • ecommerce
  • open rate
  • subscription programs and churn rate
  • bounce rate
  • and….Facebook ads
  • the list goes on

What about mobile? It’s right in front of you. It may be called a different name, but the fundementails are there. So what do you do when you want to learn more about that?

Attend a more web based marketing conference from a kick ass company and apply those things to mobile. There is also the part where I love the web side of this and have a new blog / site coming late this year or early 2017, so this comes in handy.

Lastly, as I mentioned the title…this conference is called “Converted 2016”

What do you want to do with people who:

  • browse your app page?
  • see an ad to download your app?
  • are already in your app?

Convert! You want to convert yes? YES

  • iTunes app browsers into app users
  • Facebook newsfeed perusers into people that click on your Facebook mobile ad and then download the app.
  • Non active users clicking on a Facebook reengagement ad to turn them into active users
  • Active users to buying your in app purchases.
  • Active users that don’t spend maybe see more ads and you want to get them to another app with an ad


#Converted16. That’s why I’m here and I’ll keep you in the loop.​​​​​


Disclaimer. I’m a happy paying customer and a proud affiliate. See more about our recommend products here

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